Amsterdam is a great city with lots to do and explore, and offers lots of great vegan food!


Although I could only locate one fully vegan restaurant, there were a lot of veggie places with great (and mainly vegan) options!


‘Maoz Vegetarian’. There’s 3 locations of these all in different areas of Amsterdam and they’re great veggie/vegan ‘fast’ food. Basically, they do the best falafel and hummus pitta you will ever have… and there’s so many salad toppings it is amazing!


‘Vegabond’ shop stocks lots of amazing vegan foods and goods. It also has a small café inside it, which is perfect for lunch.


‘De Bolhoed’ is fully vegetarian and the majority of food available is vegan, and delicious! If going for dinner though book beforehand to make sure you get a spot, it gets rammed!


‘The Golden Temple’ is another great all veggie place that I went to they did a range of different cuisines so there is something to please everyone there.


‘Terra Zen’ is a small, fully vegan restaurant tucked away on a side street in the centre of Amsterdam. Their menu is small, but it is AMAZING. It’s a fusion of Caribbean and Japanese foods and it’s truly delicious.


There are lots of other veggie cafes and restaurants­­ that I didn’t get to visit on my trip, but they’re all listed on Happy Cow!

By Vgneration's Lucy

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