I want to start with arguably the most popular, well-known veggie restaurant in Athens, Avocado. You can get there from the Syntagma Square metro stop & is a great location to start exploring the Plaka. Avocado’s diverse menu options include entrees, soups, salads and more. Avocado has a lot of vegan options and the vegetarian items can be made vegan.

Right next door to Avocado is GR-Eatings (formally known as Four Seasons Bio Shop), a veggie friendly grocery/health store. They have a wide variety of items ranging from cosmetics, toiletries, prepackaged foods, tofu, dairy-free milk & yogurts and produce.

A “giant” falafel is one of the best meals I’ve had in Europe at Falafellas. So much flavor! (& so affordable!) The portion size is rather large, but needed after walking around all day. Don’t let the line deter you from going. They are popular because they are delicious. Like Avocado, you can take the Syntagma Square metro stop to get to Falafellas.

Another vegan treat in a very convenient location is Ice Queen Gelato, near the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum. The vegan choices are primarily fruit flavors but Ice Queen is introducing more flavors & a vegan waffle & vegan nutella! They also have soy milk for coffee.

If you find yourself in a traditional Greek restaurant, I’m always a fan of fava, gigantes, falafel & yemista.

I hope you enjoyed this little vegan writeup of Athens and find it useful! 

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By Christina

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