Bif Naked - Multi-platinum recording artist

Born Beth Torbert in New Delhi, India in the summer of 1971 she was adopted at a young age by American Missionaries and moved to Kentucky before her family finally settled down in Winnipeg, Canada. Nowadays however we all know her much better as the International multi-platinum record selling artist Bif Naked. Not only has Bif tackled the music industry but she is also a Lecturer, Author, Advocate, Activist, Cancer Survivor, Comic Cartoonist and possibly our favourite of all; a Straight Edge Vegan! 


So, when we secured an interview with "Biffy" it's needless to say we were very excited to find out more about this Vegan legend!


Bif has been Vegan for fifteen years now, and vegetarian longer. So, we asked her what is was like when she first made the decision to give up meat and dairy "The transition from meat-to-veggie was easy because I never ate much meat to begin with, even though my whole family did. There was no turning point to going vegan because it was just such a simple thing to do: no animal foods. Simple. It's the best way for my body to eat. So, I just do it. Easy-peazy." Whilst we were on the topic of eating and as "foodies" ourselves we had to ask her favorite dish "I love to cook and can make so many things. My favorite food is, hands down, a zucchini. Raw, peeled, dipped in mustard or hummus. Second favorite is a banana, with or without hempseeds pressed into it, with or without almond butter on it also. I'm getting hungry, now." And so are we! So, better move on;


Bif continued to tell us other major pros to a Vegan diet; "I believe a vegan diet is the best feeling in the world because my body uses all the food I put into it for fuel to assist my brain and my muscles. It's really that simple. It's just pragmatic. The bonus is that I know I am not harming animals or supporting the industries that do. Even though I am just one person, I feel good about my ethics and know in my heart that my small efforts do make a difference." 


We asked her opinion of people who recognise we need to save the world - but fail to see that changing their diet is crucial: "I believe that we can keep talking about it and creating dialogue and encourage people through facts, of course, but more so- by example. Leading by example and feeling great and being healthy is something everyone wants, so it seems like they will eventually come around due to this and then they will learn how much they are helping the planet and not just the animals and themselves, and they will be further motivated."


As our site is designed specifically for young veggies and vegans we were keen to get some advice from Bif who had experienced it firsthand "I have always been "weird" or different even in school (and, now on the tour bus) as I have always been the only vegan and the only "straight-edge". I never minded before and I don't mind now. I take a lot of pride in being vegan and I am happy to be vegan no matter what anyone might say to bug me about it, demean me or bully me about it. I always just take that as a challenge to learn "patience" and feel good about being patient with an ignorant person." 


But, what about people who are so ill-advised and refuse to listen to what you have to say? "What can one say to someone who is that misguided? It's not likely to change their mind so I just smile and thank them for making me work harder to be a better vegan!" When we asked her opinion on the concept of our site she promptly declared "I wish I had a place to meet and talk to other vegans when I was younger it would have been so great for me, and I would have learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Very, very cool site!"


Finally, we asked her thoughts on all the different campaigns in place to help animals and she exclaimed; "Every campaign that helps animals whether it's anti-fur or helping rescue farm animals or save dogs and cats, anything. I love them all!"


So, after chatting to the vegan legend herself, what are our thoughts? She is still a total vegan legend and a lovely one at that!

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