Chris Henderson - 3 Doors Down Guitarist

3 Doors Down are an American rock band from Mississippi, USA who formed over seventeen years ago. They have sold a staggering 20 million albums worldwide. Their line-up may have changed over the years but their success has remained. They have had albums certified 6X platinum, shared the stage with phenomenal artists and also had time to set-up ‘The Better Life Foundation’.


We caught up with lead guitarist of the band, Chris Henderson to ask him all about his relatively new-found vegan lifestyle, what the band were ‘up to’ next, his innovative company “Luv You” and much more.


“I have been a Vegan for two years now. What it means to me is that I'm eating with a conscience and doing my part for my health and the animals!” So, why did Chris decide to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle? “I went Vegan because I felt like it was the right thing for me to do! The turning point for me was after watching a show called ‘Forks over Knives’ on Netflix. It made me start researching a plant based lifestyle.”


We asked Chris if he enjoyed cooking and what his new much-loved Vegan meals were? “I love cooking! My girlfriend Jessica and I are both Vegan and cook for each other every day! Some of our favorite dishes are Tempeh Taco Salad and we also cook a Kicking Chickpea and Kale soup!” Yummy! We definitely need the recipe for the TeenVGN website!


Since deciding to change his lifestyle we’re pretty sure Chris has been asked some humorous questions, we asked him what he thought was the biggest 'Vegan myth'. “I think the biggest misconception is that we are ALL super hard-core activists and aggressive! Everyone thinks I throw red paint on fur coats. It’s just not true.”


While we were on the topic of activism we asked Chris about campaigns that are particularly close to his heart. “The treatment of animals by humans in general is what upsets me the most! Not any one thing but all things. There is absolutely no need for us to use animals for anything! We can lead extremely healthy lives without hurting a single one! Please start researching and find out for yourself exactly what consuming animals is doing to you and your health. It’s literally destroying whole families all at once!”


Chris had very kind words to say about our website “Teen Vegan is a great place to connect and learn about how adopting a plant based diet can completely transform your life and help save our planet.”


We were eagerly waiting for the opportunity to ask Chris about his new company “Luv You” as we had already heard so many wonderful things about it. “Luv You was started in response to Jessica and I's struggle to eat health on the road. It’s hard to find Vegan options in airports and train stations so we started making the Luv PB&J bars to carry with us. We let friends try them and they were an instant hit! We were asked by so many people where they could get them that we started ‘Luv You’ Health! It’s been a fun venture in which we get to make and offer Healthy Vegan totally cruelty free snacks to people! We are constantly expanding and offering new products for people to try. is our website. We hope people will check us out and give us a try!


Finally, we asked Chris what was on the horizon for 3 Doors Down and who he’d most like to work with in the future. “My biggest influence was the band Lynyrd Skynyrd. I would very much like to work or tour with them again someday!” And, 3 Doors Down? “We are finishing up our tour with Chris Daughtry and then it’s back into the studio with us!” It seems they never stop! 

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