Many may think going to the Sunshine State on holiday or should we say ‘vacation’ is every vegans nightmare – We’re here to tell you.. It really isn’t that bad! 


Most visitors to Orlando will be going to meet Mickey and Minnie at Disney, and Spiderman and The Hulk at Universal! Well, we certainly were! Most visitors however, wouldn’t expect to see vegan options sitting on the menu. 


Magic Kingdom is the best of the parks – You can pick up a delicious vegan chilli, roasted vegetable couscous and a houmous, broccoli slaw and tomato sandwich all in one restaurant. Now that is pretty impressive. And the sandwich is gorgeous! 


Epcot isn’t too shabby, especially as there are so many countries cuisines to try out. Nachos with salsa and jalapeno’s in Mexico, a falafel wrap and salad in Morocco and some Edamame in Japan. 


Cross over to Universal Studios and you can pick up a delicious veggie kebab and some houmous, pita, carrot and celery as a side order. Just outside of Universal on CityWalk you HAVE to check out Moe’s. They have the best Mexican food! Go for a tofu burrito and add everything vegan that’s available. You won’t be disappointed! 


Whilst that’s the best of the parks.. Most tourists will probably pass or be staying on International Drive. You’re bound to see a few Denny’s and Friendly’s cafes. Denny’s does a beautifully fresh avocado salad whilst Friendly’s boasts a Gardein (soya) burger! 


Still looking for a little more? Check out Yard House on I-Drive and see a special vegan menu! You must try the buffalo ‘chicken’ wings for starter – beware though, they are HOT!


By Vgneration's Kylie

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