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Activism for Introverts

Being introverted myself; I can certainly understand the struggle of wanting to help further the Vegan movement, but being pulled back by crippling shyness, or just not being able to be around a lot of people for a long period of time. I consider myself an incredibly passionate person who would love to be involved with protests, handing out leaflets, campaigning, working on stalls, and giving speeches… But it’s super hard sometimes. I can appreciate that some people don’t understand anxieties or problems like this, and may think “You should put your insecurities behind you and do it for the animals and the planet.” I totally get that, but it’s not as easy as you may think. So for those who want to help out with the Vegan movement, but struggle with their own introversion..  Here are a few tips for you!


Petitions somehow have the reputation of being a waste of time, but you’ll be surprised at how many great changes have happened in the world due to something as simple as a petition. Sign them, share them over all your social media pages; however, I’d advise to pick and choose which petitions you feel are the most important, as spamming petitions tend to result in a loss of followers or Facebook friends! Also, ask your whole household to sign the petition – it helps a lot!


There’s nothing like a good bit of passive activism! If you have the money to spare, invest in some Vegan merchandise to become a walking, talking Vegan message. There are some really nicely made, eco-friendly, Vegan brands out there that can make you look good whilst spreading the message, such as our very own merchandise, EHTCS and Blant Pased. As well as supporting Vegan businesses, you could support Vegan charities such as PETA, Animal Aid, Greenpeace, etc. as they all sell great clothes, totes or stickers/pins for you to wear. I think this is a great form of activism because even if it momentarily catches someone’s eye, it could still make a difference.

Be Creative

Get your talented selves to work and spread the message through art, writing, or anything that you have a passion for.  Personally, I write for different magazines and publications to do my part, as well as run my own Vegan blog because writing is something I feel comfortable doing. Everyone has something they can use to help out whether it’s your writing, photography, knowledge, graphic design etc.

Social Media

It’s the age of social media, and whoever tells you that spending time gaining a following over your social accounts is a waste of time, is so wrong. Having a platform to spread the Vegan message is one of the most important things to do, as it’s super effective. Educate your followers online by promoting informative documentaries, sharing articles, and just using your own voice. Also, when you share important links you could write short descriptions in the caption to generalise what is said in the text, as many people won’t necessarily read the article.

Share Vegan Food

If you’re a great cook, share your food with your family and friends to show them how delicious our food can be. If you’re not a great cook, try learning! I used to offer my parents a lot of the food that I cooked and they’re so positive about animal product-free food now, and my dad’s even trying Vegetarianism! You will be surprised at how many people still believe that Vegan food is like rabbit food.

Set an Example

Look as healthy as you can be, and make everyone envious of your Vegan glow! Eat tonnes of fruit and vegetables, and make your family and friends question whether Vegan really is the best diet out there. We’re very slowly getting rid of that ridiculous ‘sickly looking’ Vegan stereotype that was fabricated due to ignorance.

Letters to MPs

Unless they already support animal rights and environmental issues already, it’s unlikely that they will have a stance on them unless locals let them know that they need to get involved! A lot of charities like Greenpeace send out petitions that have a template ready for you to send to your local MP, but it’s even better if you personalise it. I’ve received some great replies from my MP, but even if you don’t get the response you would have liked, at least the letter will be taken into consideration.

By Jenny
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