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Caring for animals during hot weather

If it is too hot for you, it's definitely too hot for your animals. Imagine all that extra fur and not being able to sweat like we do. Here are a few tips to help your furry companions - dogs, cats and also the wildlife around you. These simple tips could help save a life.

- Don't leave dogs in the car. Under any circumstances. Even for a minute - If it's 22 degrees outside, your car can reach over 45 degrees in 60 minutes!

- Keep cold water down around your home and in bowls outside. For your dogs, cats and for any other wildlife that may need it.

- Buy a cheap paddling pool for the garden - your dog will love you forever.

- Avoid walking your dog during the hottest times of the day. This is usually between 11am-3pm. The best time to walk them is early in the morning before it gets too hot. Take a bottle of water with you and walk in shaded areas.

- With the hot weather natural water sources can dry up. So filling up your birdbath, putting out a washing up tub or plastic container with water can help birds, hedgehogs and other small wildlife.

- Regularly water your plants in the garden. This will help butterflies, bees and other insects.

- Make ice lollies for your doggy. You can use water and their food or treats to make delicious lollies suitable for your furry friends.

- Help keep your dog cool by making sure they go for a cut to the groomers regularly, don't cut long-haired dogs short or shave a dog because this can cause sunburn.

- Brushing cats more often can help keep them cool as it will get rid of any dead/unwanted fur.

- Some food and drinks at BBQs can be toxic to your pets. So keep them away from any alcohol, corn on the cob, chocolate, onions etc.

- Try to keep your dog/pets paws off hot flooring, sand and metal. You don't want them to burn their little paw pads.

- Keep a close eye on your furry friends behaviour and make sure they aren't getting heat stroke. If you notice a worrying change in their behaviour, act immediately and contact your nearest vets.

- Be cautious playing ball, frisbee or running/jogging with your dog as you don't want them running around and exerting additional energy or overheating in already very hot conditions.

- Wet your cats/dogs ears and top of their heads. Run your wet hand over them and wet the tips of cats/dogs paws with water.

- Feeders - Everyone knows how helpful bird feeders are to wildlife in the winter but they are also extremely important in the summer too.

Thanks for reading! If you have any additional tips then comment on this post or tweet us @vgneration

By Kylie
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