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Clive's Pies - Product Review

It was a lovely surprise to receive a box of vegan pie goodness recently from the wonderful people at Clive's Pies!


If you haven't heard of them before, they're an organic bakery based in South Devon in the UK who specialise in free-from foods including cakes, ready meals and most importantly of course, pies. :)

All of their products are vegetarian with some gluten-free options and nearly all of them are suitable for vegans. 

You may have spotted their stall at food festivals in the UK such as VegFest or in shops like Holland & Barrett. But more recently they were added to Waitrose stores in their new vegetarian and vegan fridge aisle, so be sure to check there too!


So getting to it, my delivery included eight vegan pies, two of their new vegan tarts and one tub of their classic houmous.

Here's a rundown:

Pies: - Lentil & Olive (gluten-free) - Mexican Chilli - Saag Aloo Curry - Arabian Chickpea  - Vegetable Chilli (gluten-free) - Creamy Mushroom - Mushroom & Leek (gluten-free)

Tarts: - Lentil & Kale Ragout with Cranberry (gluten-free) - Tomato & Olive Provençale (gluten-free)

My family and I proceeded to pick which the ones we'd like to try (a VERY hard decision between four hungry adults!) and over the course of several evenings...ate them!

The first thing to be opened was the organic classic houmous. It never lasts long in my house! :D We were really impressed with the flavour and texture - It had a nice amount of garlic and it was thicker than many I've had before. 

The first pies we cooked were the Arabian Chickpea, Creamy Mushroom, Vegetable Chilli and Mushroom & Leek. (Luckily they all have a little marking on top so you know which one's which! i.e. the Arabian Chickpea one had a little star carved into the pastry) We were all impressed with how tasty they were and the amount of filling you get in each. I particularly loved the Middle Eastern flavours of the chickpeas!

Then on a quiet, hot afternoon my mum and I enjoyed the gluten-free tarts outside on the patio with salad and the houmous. They baked really well and didn't dry out as I was anticipating. And the Tomato & Olive Provençale one won me over as it had big slices of sundried tomatoes. 

Between my mum, dad and I, we devoured the last of the pies a couple of days later. My dad, who isn't even vegan and ALWAYS moans about the food we give him (love you dad ;) ) chose the Saag Aloo Curry pie, as a curry fan. My mum opted for some heat with the Mexican Chilli and I tucked into the gluten-free Lentil & Olive. As a Greek, I was happy with the two types of olives! And my dad cleaned his plate within minutes. So I'm pretty sure that's a thumbs up from him!


Overall, my family really enjoyed the variety and quality of the Clive's Pies. They all had substantial fillings with lots of flavour and importantly, texture. Plus they were very easy to cook and satisfied two non-vegans with fussy palettes! Oh and I particularly loved the houmous, so I'll definitely be getting some more of that next time. So a job well done Clive!

By Candice
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