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Download Festival

For the past 6 years I have been to Download Festival in Donnington Park. I’ve been vegan for 4 of those years, and the vegan festival food has just kept getting better and better! Something else to note is they have vegan beer! Carlsberg Larger is on tap and is vegan friendly. Last year and this year they also introduced a new system where you pay £2 for a eco-friendly re-usable plastic cup and you either keep it, or take it back to GreenPeace and get your £2 back! This means that there's a lot less waste plastic and litter on the floor. 

I re-call the first year as a vegan I was living off chips and beans, since then it got better with falafel wraps, chilli, pizza without cheese, and so on. But, this year was on a whole new level!

Pizza places had vegan cheese, there were 100% vegan food stalls, and FAKE MEAT.

Fake meat is my favourite, and at a festival it’s what I constantly crave. I was so excited when I came across a stall that said ‘VEGAN’ on the top and saw they did burgers, fajitas, pies, and more! I opted for the vegan chicken fajita wrap, whilst my partner had the vegan chicken burger. Both were absolutely delicious!

Another stall that had great vegan options was ‘Tea and Cake’. They had a number of vegan options and I chose the Vegan Millionaires Slice - it was delicious! It was made from chocolate, dates, and coconut. Normally I dislike anything ‘raw’ vegan or similar but this was absolutely delicious! 

Finally, I ended my day with another burger. This time I went to a ‘Vegan and Vegetarian’ place that did burgers and chips. Whilst the burger had no vegan mayo or cheeze, it was still really nice. The patty was really meaty so I didn’t mind the lack of vegan condiments.

Other stalls with vegan options were: Bunnymans Bunnychow, Goodness Gracious Healthy Foods, Green Pepper Red Tomato, Greener Pastas, Kittys Cake Emporium, Los Churros Amigos, Paellaria, Pizza Love, Taste of India, Teriyaki Shack, The Fruit Cup, Toastie, and Wolf & Guzzle.

All in all it was a great year for vegan food at Download, I wish I’d been there all weekend so I could have tried the vegan pizza, paella, chilli, tapas, and other options they had to offer.

By Lucy
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