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Going away to uni and living with non-vegan strangers!

Congratulations you are going to university! So much excitement, many more nerves...

Maybe it’s your first time living away from home. Perhaps after many years of trying you’ve JUST got your family to be more considerate in the kitchen. Or maybe it’s even the first time you’ll be living with meat eaters.

Here at Vgneration, we’ve been there! Here are some of our top tips to help you navigate uni life and living with non-vegans.

Do you have some ideas to add? Leave a comment and we’ll add the best ones to keep this list growing

1: Suggest you have a shelf of the fridge each- and ask if yours can be at the top (food hygiene 101 for no meat drips!) ask that everything in the fridge is covered / sealed.

2: If you use frying pans / oven trays... get your own, clean and dry it straight after use and keep it in your room!

3: Don’t get TOO mad when someone ‘steals’ some of your soy milk or sunflower spread... think of it as a win getting them to try vegan alternatives"

(However, if someone starts eating your avocados or nooch, declare war)

4: Get scented candles or incense. Cooking rotting carcass smells bad...

5: Get a fridge deodoriser (or for a cheap version keep a small bowl of baking soda in the fridge and change every 3 months)

6: If you’re sharing the cost of some things, find CHEAP and easy to source cruelty-free and vegan alternatives that will be good with everyone. E.g Aldi washing up liquid and hand wash, Astonish cleaning products from Poundland.

7: If you're feeling nice, bake vegan cupcakes or a meal for your flatmates to show them how easy/nice they can be.

8: Join the Vegetarian and/or Vegan society if there is one. If there isn’t one, start your own!

9: Research vegan alcohol before you go! Here is a helpful blog by Vgneration's Lucy to help you:

10: Research local takeaway options before you go so you don’t miss out when everyone is getting pizza. (And if the options aren’t great, you can get some Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and kebab shop pizzas without cheese and either have it cheese less or add your own when it arrives.)

11: Join a local vegan Facebook group to be up to date on local offerings. Just type the ‘city’ and ‘vegans’ in e.g. Bristol Vegans

12: For the days when you just cba, know that these flavours of pot noodle are vegan: beef and tomato, Bombay bad boy, sweet and sour, southern fried chicken.

13: Know that you will be asked why you’re vegan (and much more) ... if you’re not comfortable answering questions on the spot, perhaps think before hand how you will answer the question, or have some printed info you can offer as your answer (*see our vegan 101 free download here*)

By Anna
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