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How to stay positive once going vegan

Something that I was never told prior to going Vegan was the social, and sometimes even mental struggles that you may go through. It’s as if you become hyper aware of the suffering that goes on in the world once you go Vegan, and it can be difficult to shut off! It’s then so easy to become this doom and gloom person that has nothing positive to say– which was definitely me for a while. I’ve only been Vegan since February 2016, but I feel as if I’ve gathered a sufficient amount of tips and knowledge to pass on to any others that are struggling with maintaining a positive outlook on life.

Use the Internet

Being in contact with other Vegans is one of my favourite ways to keep a positive outlook on everything. Joining various Facebook groups related to Veganism was one of the best choices I made; the people are so helpful, you find out about new Vegan restaurants, products etc. They can be great sources for positive news too; people love to share their success stories of how they went Vegan, or how they encouraged others to go Vegan. It’s good to step away from social media for a bit, but these groups are so helpful at times.

Stop Overthinking

Occasionally I’ll see something online, or someone will say something which will make me think “we are so far away from being where we need to be” in terms of the world transitioning to consuming fewer animal products. These thoughts are totally unnecessary and aren’t helping anyone! I try to concentrate on all the good things that have happened in the Vegan movement lately, and all the things that I can do to further it even more. Stop dwelling on anything that you cannot personally change.

Reduce Negative Media Consumption

OK so maybe this slightly conflicts with the social media point, but hear me out! I’m referring to filtering your online world so that you limit the amount of negativity that you’re exposed to. When you’re already Vegan it’s quite unnecessary to see news articles about animals being abused, factory farm footage, or anything along those lines. There is so much negative news about and if you’re consuming it daily then it’s likely going to get you down. I used to scour news web pages every day, but once I stopped, it actually improved my overall mood. Of course, you don’t want to go too far the other way and become totally ignorant, but you don’t need to know every detail – especially about the things that you cannot change.


This will always be my number one tip for ANYONE that struggles with thinking positively, not just Vegans. I’m so shy and am so bad at talking to new people and putting myself into new situations, which is why I know if I can go and volunteer then almost anyone can. Being surrounded by like-minded people who want to bring about positive change is such a great feeling. Volunteering at a sanctuary is a great choice because you can visit the happy animals that have been saved, and meet the wonderful people that dedicate their life to taking care of them!

So if you’re STILL not convinced, here are just a few amazing changes that have happened in 2017:

•Tofurky is launching a range of Vegan sandwiches across UK

•Vegan Ben & Jerry’s came out 

•So many athletes have gone Vegan recently, for example, Damien Lillard, Cardale Jones.

•Pizza Hut is trialling Vegan cheese on their pizzas

•A Vegan Bailey’s was brought out (18+ only)

•Veggie Pret is opening a THIRD store

•Pret has a pumpkin spice latte that can be made Vegan

•Vegan markets and festivals have been popping up everywhere because they’re so popular

•Vegetarian,Jeremy Corbyn said he is strongly considering Veganism

•Wagamamas is coming out with a Vegan menu that includes Katsu curry!

•A beef farmer went vegan and donated his cows to a sanctuary

•The number of vegans in the UK has risen 350%

•Veganism has grown 500% since 2014 in the US

•Google trends shows 90% increase in ‘vegan’ searches in 2016

•The British Dietetic Association confirms that Vegan Diet supports healthy living

•The dairy industry is coming up with ridiculous ways to get people to start drinking cows milk again e.g. fizzy milk. This just proves how worried they are about

•A large dairy company ditched dairy after 90 years and started producing plant milks instead!

•Sainsbury’s has had such huge success with vegan cheese that they’re bringing out more!

•Zizzi’s is launching another Vegan menu!

These are just the few that I could think of – there are so many more!

By Jenny
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