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If you’ve got a dog.. Read this post!

This is a bit of a different type of post for us, but as proud humans to a lovely dog named Pippin there’s something we feel needs to be said. So let’s try and say it without it sounding like a rant haha. Here goes –

If you have a dog, are out walking and see another dog on the lead coming towards you – please, PLEASE put your dog on the lead.

Even if the dog is off the lead initially, but it’s human sees you and puts them on the lead. Please follow suit and put your dog on the lead.

This should be dog etiquette everywhere you go, but unfortunately (more often than not) it just doesn’t happen. Believe it or not, if someone puts their dog on the lead it is usually for a reason.

My dog Pippy is the happiest and friendliest dog that adores humans and will lick your entire face given half the chance but she doesn’t like other dogs. For this reason we walk her in the quietest places, she loves being off the lead and is great on recall. But, the amount of people who see us call her back and put her on the lead as soon as we see them yet still allow their dog(s) to come running up to her is unfathomable.

I would say 9 out of 10 of these people walk past and say “don’t worry he/she is friendly”. Yes, okay, great – but my dog isn’t! The point is – it doesn’t matter if they are friendly or if they come charging at us barking.. Pippin gets frightened and goes on the defence and if a dog is overly playful or barking she will show her teeth. This is why I tend to scoop her up into my arms and avoid any scuffles. But I’ve literally had dogs jumping and scratching up my legs to get to her because their humans have failed to put them on the leads.

It both upsets and angers me because if one day a vulnerable dog like Pippin who is rescued and had a bad start to life did go for one of these dogs it really wouldn’t be her fault but she would get blamed.

I know there are certain leads and collars you can get for dogs that are nervous or don’t like other dogs and these are fantastic but not all people are aware of these and sometimes by the time you’re close enough to identify these collars/leads it may be too late.

Whilst I don’t expect this post to reach every single person who has a dog, I really would like it to reach as many people as possible. So if you have a dog and love your dog – please share this post for them. Whilst I’ve got you here please remember to always adopt your furry friends and always spay and neuter. There are way too many dogs in shelters that need loving homes and loving humans.

By Kylie
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