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Plant Based Drippin

You may not know rapper Grey by name or even perhaps to look at but, you do know him. He has been seen over 20 million times and one of those views was most likely you. Grey has even been recognised with an award from PETA in 2017 for Best Song which may give an indication of his talents.

Grey emerged into the public awareness in November 2016 when his ‘Thanksgiving Rap’ video suddenly went viral. The refrain, a sample from gospel singer Shirley Caesar, whose words (“beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes”) got themselves stuck in the heads of everyone who saw the clip.

The original candid Thanksgiving Rap video weighed in at just under a minute, but its success was quickly followed by an official, full-length music video directed by Chase Walker. In the song, Grey cleverly counters the view that vegans eat only grass on Thanksgiving by listing all the delicious foods he and his friends and family enjoy; from mac and cheese to collard greens and tofu turkey.

In addition to his music, Grey inspires others to adopt the vegan lifestyle through his cruelty-free fashion brand, Plant Based Drippin. The simple range of tees, tanks, and snapback caps are adorned with the bold phrase ‘Plant Based Drippin’ that was coined by Grey himself and is defined by the Urban Dictionary as ‘someone on a plant-based diet who is overflowing with style and flavour’.

Not content with music and fashion, Grey has now infiltrated the craft beer sphere with his recent collaboration with Local Craft Beer Tehachapi Co based in the mountainous region of southern California. As vegans themselves, the brewery ensure that all the beer they make is suitable for vegans.

Continuing the minimal, bold aesthetic of his clothing range, the can is simply dressed in black with the characteristic ‘Plant Based Drippin’ slogan. Brewed to the current popular New England style, this 8.5% Double IPA is brimming with Galaxy, Citra, and Vic Secret hops. Hazy, juicy and very low in bitterness, the hops bring flavours of passionfruit, citrus, and pineapple.

Debuted at the Eat Drink Vegan event in Pasadena, California back in May, the Plant Based Drippin beer is, sadly, unlikely to make it to our shores, but hopefully, some of our American followers may have had the chance to try it.

Beers such as these need to be enjoyed fresh and their intensely fruity flavours are often unable to survive the transatlantic journey to be appreciated in the way the brewers intended. However with cold chain transportation and storage methods constantly improving, we are starting to see more and more American beers over here, so it’s only a matter of time before we get to taste it ourselves.

Grey is a reminder of the changing face of veganism and its ability to weave its way into popular culture and mainstream consciousness. No longer confined to the tie-dye and sandals stereotype or an alternative lifestyle out on the fringes of the so-called normal. Maybe it’s the beginning of a new trend of collaborations and brand tie-ins that make veganism ever more accessible and part of the daily vernacular.

Find out more about vegan drink and food on the website or follow me on Instagram and Twitter here: @forkandcarrot.

Photo Credits: Plant Based Drippin and Local Craft Beer Tehachapi Co.

By Olly
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