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Running for Good… a film that is not about running at all.

Why would you take on the challenge of a marathon? You love running? You want to push your physical fitness to the next level? To tick it off your list of things to do before you die?

Now think about the equivalent of six marathons back to back. In the desert. The hardest footrace on Earth. Oh, and you don’t like running.

As a teenager you were told that you would never walk properly again. You are not going to get through to the other side of this gruelling race unless there’s a hell of a good reason you’re doing it right?

This film gives us a glimpse into some of the challenges Fiona takes on for the animals. For the 400+ animals she has given a life to at her sanctuary, for the animals that are tortured for entertainment, for the millions of animals that are slaughtered every day.

Extraordinary, passionate and awe inspiring. You need to see it to believe what is possible when you have the determination of a woman with a true cause.

Watch Fiona’s story here:

Read more and support Fiona’s cause here: and

By Anna
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