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Statement: The future of VGN Summer Camp

We’re sorry to announce that, for multiple reasons, there will be no VGN Summer Camp in 2018. However, do not despair as TeenVGN will soon be going through a rebrand and we have some very exciting plans for the future!

For the last 3 years we have run extremely successful camps and have changed the lives of lots of young people, having sold out months in advance every time! So failure certainly isn’t the reason for this decision. Whilst we never expected to get paid by TeenVGN, and have been running the organisation completely voluntarily since 2013, the reality of running a camp whilst holding down full time jobs has proven far more difficult than we could have imagined.

VGN Summer Camp is 1 week per year for our campers, but it’s 52 weeks a year for us. Unfortunately, we cannot keep up with the demand of what goes into camp whilst juggling our full time jobs, the rest of the organisation and making time for our own lives. As our focus has been solely on VGN Summer Camp we have found it difficult to maintain the rest of our organisation and particularly our website. Another main factor for this decision is our personal health, which has become an obstacle in and of itself.

We’ve overcome so many hurdles over the last 3 years, and dealt with things we never dreamt we’d have to deal with. We’ve tried so desperately to show people that what we are doing is so important (and unique!) and that the young people we do this for are our only hope for a compassionate future, but unfortunately we’ve found that getting the support, funds, sponsorship etc that we need has been more challenging to attain recently.

Though organising and running camp has been very stressful and demanding at times, the experiences that we have had and the incredible young people that we have met along the way has been something that we will cherish forever. So with our new website, we hope to create many more unforgettable experiences, reach far more people around the world and continue to have an impact and guide every young person we meet.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of our VGN Summer Camps. We truly appreciate every one of you.

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