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Summer of Vegan Beer Events

This weekend sees the start of a summer jam-packed with vegan beer events. Commencing with the Summer Vegan Beer Fest at the Cowley Club in Brighton on the evening of Friday 13th July featuring music, food, BBQ and of course local beers and ciders.

While the festivities continue in Brighton over the rest of the weekend, travel 75 miles north and you’ll find the return of Fat Gay Vegan’s London Vegan Beer Fest at Hackney Down Studios. Covering three unique venues, expect to find an expertly curated selection of vegan beer and street food. Confirmed breweries include Half Chop, Twisted Barrel Ale and Moor Beer Company.

Further up the country, but on the same day, is the inaugural #VeganNorth event at North Brewing Co in Leeds. This will be Eat North’s first ever exclusively vegan line-up with eight vegan street food traders sitting alongside award-winning vegan beers on tap from North Brewing Co.

As the weeks advance so too does the range of vegan beer events… Fat Gay Vegan’s Vegan Beer Fest extends to Coventry (Saturday 28th July), Glasgow (Sunday 5th August) and Sheffield (Saturday 18th August). Meanwhile, in the picturesque city of Bath, 100% vegan restaurant Beyond the Kale hosts the Big Summer BBQ. Bath’s first vegan BBQ at Green Park Station on Sunday 29th July will feature an array of live music, drinks, games and freshly made vegan food.

In times passed, beer festivals were not the most hospitable of places for vegans to frequent. Row upon row of traditional cask beers were fined with isinglass, a substance derived from the swim bladders of fish, with only the odd beer marked as “unfined” or “naturally hazy”. Not to mention the obligatory hog roast in a tent out back, with the brutal smell penetrating thin canvas walls.

The clientele too were generally of a particular age and gender which somehow allowed the questionable and often sexist beer names and pump clips to be glossed over without as much as a whimper.

This modern iteration of inclusive, 100% vegan beer festivals are poles apart from their ancestral predecessors, yet still retain the essential sense of community and of course a high-quality selection of beer too. To quote the famous American singer-songwriter, Bob Dylan, “the times they are a-changin”.

Find out more about vegan drink and food on the website or follow me on Instagram and Twitter here: @forkandcarrot.

By Olly
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