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TeenVGN becomes Vgneration

Not-for-profit and volunteer run organisation, TeenVGN, is embarking on a new adventure. Set up in 2013 by Kylie and Laura, it began simply as an online social network for vegetarian and vegan teenagers. The organisation quickly took off and we began attending events, hosting meet ups across the country and running an annual summer camp. We connected and supported hundreds of incredible young people and watched them grow into enthusiastic advocates for the animals. During this time we became more and more aware of just how vital the work and outreach we were doing was.

Which is why, in 2017, we began to realise that we needed to reach more people, lots of members were becoming too old to be part of the organisation and many young adults around the world wanted to be a part of it.

And so, behind the scenes, “Vgneration” was born. Beginning May 2018, TeenVGN is officially re-branding to become Vgneration, an outreach, support group and network for young adults, students and teens alike.

The new website is fresh, easy to navigate and interactive, with information that is readily available, updated and relevant. With the addition of a qualified nutritionist and recipe developer to our team of volunteers we have been able to create a resources section with nutritional information and free downloadable literature as well as a recipes section with delicious and colourful vegan recipes. The Vgneration website also gives you access to a lifestyle section with exclusive interviews, vegan travel guides plus fresh news and connect pages.

We believe that having this support on hand is vital not only for teens but also for 20+ adults too, whether newly mindful or with years of compassion under their belts. This is why we have made all of this information and material available for free.

Five years down the line, this is still just the beginning for Vgneration, and we hope to continue our development and projects for years to come.

The name “Vgneration” was chosen as a motivational and inspirational name for the people who are going forward to change the world for the animals, our health and the planet. The generation that can do it. The generation that are doing it. The generation that will do it. The Vgneration.

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