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Vegan eating at IKEA

With the news breaking yesterday that IKEA donuts/doughnuts are suitable for vegans - (the plain ring sugary ones) we decided to do a post about the growing number of vegan-friendly food that the world's largest Swedish furniture store has to offer and plan to offer in the near future.

Donut photo credit: Vegan Womble

Available Now

IKEA veggie balls are suitable for vegans and available in stores now! In the restaurant to eat as a sit down meal and the food hall frozen section to take home with you.

Coming August 2018

Vegan hot dogs are on the horizon. Here is the statement from IKEA:

"Ready for some tasty news? IKEA Food is testing a Veggie hot dog in the IKEA Malmö store in Sweden! If you're around, try it and tell us what you think of it. Adding a Veggie hot dog to the IKEA Bistro range is part of our ambitions to include more plant-based ingredients in our food offer. The final version of the Veggie hot dog will be available at IKEA stores in Europe from August 2018. "

Coming Summer 2019

Vegan soft-serve ice cream is coming! Here is what IKEA said:

"100% plant-based, 100% delicious. Today we are sharing our ambitions to introduce plant-based ice cream to the IKEA Bistro. The development has started and we aim to bring this alternative to dairy-based soft ice to IKEA Bistros in Summer 2019."

Just a few days ago IKEA posted on Instagram the following:

" We're heading back to the IKEA Food Lab in Malmö to continue our work on some tasty plant-based alternatives." with an image that read - "More plants for the many people"

So, fingers crossed, I think there will be plenty more vegan food coming our way!

By Kylie
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