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Vegan Subscription Boxes

Receiving a box full of vegan goodies each month is such a great feeling – it really has the power to turn your whole day around. There are more and more vegan subscription boxes being created each year and they are curated so beautifully and meticulously, there’s bound to be one that suits you.

Unboxed Vegan

‘Unboxed Vegan’ is a newly launched brand that is really stepping up the vegan subscription box game! They offer a ‘Vegan Necessities Box’, which contains cheese & dairy alternatives, meat alternatives, condiments, sweet treats, and freebies – this box is priced at £40 per month. They also offer a ‘Vegan Family Box’, which is just like the necessities box, but it contains even more – this box is priced at £100 per month. They work with some of the best and newest brands to curate a really great selection, which contains almost everything you need!

The Vegan Kind

'The Vegan Kind' is the UK’s most popular subscription box for vegans and it’s not hard to see why. Being founded in 2013, it was one of the first of its kind on the scene, and it has only grown in popularity since. They offer a monthly lifestyle box, which includes 5-8 cruelty-free and vegan products and is £10 a month (plus P&P), as well as a quarterly beauty box which is a mix of skincare, cosmetics, and beauty products and is £15 per month (plus P&P). What makes this box even better is that 10p from each lifestyle box is donated to a different animal charity or organization each month. I’ve reviewed a couple of the boxes here.

Vegan Tuck Box

'Vegan Tuck Box' is another great choice; they offer a ‘Vegan Variety Tuck Box’, which includes 5-8 sweet and savory snacks (£9.50 per month), and a ‘Vegan Ultimate Tuck Box’, which includes 10-13 sweet and savory snacks (£16.50 per month). They also now offer a letterbox subscription – you can choose from a healthy box, a snack box, or a chocolate box, and each of these can be shipped weekly, fortnightly or monthly through your letterbox! I’ve received one of these myself and was pleasantly surprised at the array of snacks; I particularly love that they choose lesser-known brands.

The Pip Box

This is a perfect subscription box for anyone interested in beauty, from beauty gurus to those who just love to discover new brands. They offer a cruelty-free box, and a vegan AND cruelty-free box, both of which contain 5 beauty treats from just £13.50 a month (plus P&P); the RRP of each box varies but on average it’s around £35. For every box sold a 50p donation is made to ‘Animal Free Research UK’. Something else worth mentioning is that they choose items that are suitable and relevant for the time of year, e.g. cooling mist in summer and hydrating balm in the winter.

TGV Luxe Box

TGV is a luxury vegan and cruelty-free subscription box, which was actually started by a vegan blogger! Founder, Rachida Brocklehurst, quotes on the site that the box was created “to offer monthly treats to those who want to enjoy an element of escapism, to sit back, relax and unwind from their daily lives.” You not only receive at least 4 products, but also a mini vegan destination guide, a skincare guide, and a beautiful print or small token that is in keeping with the theme of the month. 50p from every box goes to the ‘Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land’ charity.

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