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Vegan What's Hot & Not - Sept '18 Edition

What's Hot

  • Great British Bake Off announce vegan week.

  • Wilko launch eco vegan cleaning range.

  • New vegan sun-dried tomato and pesto toastie at Caffe Nero.

  • Pizza Express pizzas now in supermarkets.

  • Vegan cheese sandwich now in Waitrose.

  • Hellmann's finally get on the Vegan Mayo train.

  • Dominoes launch vegan takeaway pizza in select places.

  • Vegan Full English breakfast now at Wetherspoons.

  • M&S announce a Christmas vegan Turkey sandwich coming soon.

  • Lucy Watson announces new vegan ready-meals called "Feed me Vegan".

  • Oumph Pizzas now in Supermarkets. (We're spoilt for choice!)

  • PG Tips bring out new tea bags designed specifically for with dairy-free milk.

What's Not

  • Wetherspoons baked beans not suitable for vegans.

  • BBC Show QI says bees are used to pollinate plants making avocados non-vegan.

  • Pret / Coyo debacle continues - better allergen labeling needed!

  • Comedian Joe Rogan targets vegans in new Netflix Special.

  • "Drowning in plastic" BBC documentary says plastic waste is killing our wildlife.

  • 11yr old charged with animal-cruelty after throwing family cat.

  • New restaurant called "Veganism" only has 10% vegan options on the menu.

  • Four men charged with killing and torturing kangaroos.

  • Farm animal deaths at estimate of 3.4 million in Hurricane Florence.

  • Beef is recalled as E. Coli outbreak causes 17 illnesses and 1 death.

  • Horrendous video released showing badgers beaten and killed for make-up brushes.

  • New report says animal agriculture is largest consumer of antibiotics worldwide.

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