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Veggie Pret - Launch Party

If you somehow missed the news, café chain Pret A Manger launched an ENTIRELY vegetarian and vegan store in Soho, London last year. Initially only a temporary pop-up event, the store was in fact so successful that the company decided it should stay. Yay!

But what’s more exciting is that a second Veggie Pret was announced recently and opened its doors for the first time yesterday in Shoreditch, London.

I was so happy to be asked to attend the store’s launch on behalf of TeenVGN (Vgneration), try some of the brand new vegan menu and see what all the fuss was about (er, hello – VEGAN MAC & CHEESE anyone!!?)

So I headed to the new store in East London (picked for its vibrant and blooming veggie/vegan community) and was amazed by the beautiful array of lovely new vegan sandwiches, snacks and drinks on offer!

I got to sample a selection of the new products and here are my thoughts:

Vegan Mac & Greens

HALLELUJAH! It’s been a long time coming but finally there’s a convenient, hot and more importantly, SUPER TASTY vegan mac & cheese that’s ready to eat off the shelf. It was surprisingly really cheesy and creamy; made up of a vegan bechamel sauce base with cauliflower and spinach alongside the pasta. And the crispy breadcrumbs are the perfect topping. Hats off to the chef!

Vegan Brownie

Another highlight on the new menu is the vegan chocolate brownie – So sticky and sweet that you’ll be shocked that it’s vegan! It’s made with decadent dark chocolate and gooey in the middle with a salted caramel filling…Excuse me whilst I wipe the drool from my mouth. Incredible!

Cauli & Turmeric Super-Veg Salad

One of many new vegan salad boxes on the menu; this colourful and crunchy salad was light and fresh but surprisingly filling. I especially loved the pickled cabbage, toasted cashews and the teriyaki dressing – So many flavours bursting in your mouth at once!

Dairy-free Chocolate Chia Pot

In all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of chia puddings. HOWEVER this new chocolatey offering was lovely. I think I enjoyed it more because it’s mainly made up of coconut yoghurt with added chia seeds. So it was creamier and less slimy in texture as I have found with some chia-based desserts. Topped with sharp blueberries and pomegranate seeds to cut through the sweetness, it’s a really tasty pud.

Super-Veg Rainbow Flat Bread

This new flat bread is packed with colourful veggies and a lovely fiery sambal paste base (a hot sauce traditionally found in Malaysia/Indonesia). Don’t worry though, it’s not that hot and the coconut yoghurt cools it down just enough for even people like me who are terrible with spicy food! Again Pret’s lovely pickled cabbage adds texture and crunch along with a carrot slaw. Yum.

Green Smoothie Breakfast Bowl

This new breakfast addition is both smooth and nutty with a gluten-free granola underneath the avocado and banana smoothie base. So you get the best of both worlds! It also contains spinach, lemon and apple juice and a nice sprinkle of ginger, pomegranate and mango making the perfect zing to get your morning started.


So there you have it: Pret have done it again with a beautiful new store and a yummy new vegan menu that will entice everyone - veggie, vegan or not. It’ll be exciting to see just how well it’s received and when more Veggie Pret’s will consequently be rolled out (hint: TALK TO THEM! They will listen!

One big leap for Pret, one giant leap for veg kind!

By Candice
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