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Visit to Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary

In the news recently, a young bull escaped from a slaughterhouse in Brooklyn, New York and it was all over US TV as the authorities tried to catch him. Thankfully people from an animal sanctuary in New Jersey raced to his aid and he is now in their care, where he will live a happy and long life amongst fellow rescued animals from the meat and dairy industries.

The story got me thinking about how incredible animal sanctuaries and the people that run them are. They devote their lives to saving and caring for animals and giving them the best life possible away from harm. Not to mention usually working for nothing and in their own time!

So this post is well overdue because I visited Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary in the summer for a Vegan BBQ event which was sponsored by Frys Family Foods. But I thought that it’s still so important to remember and remind people of the amazing work that sanctuaries and rescue centres like them do for our animal friends across the world.

The BBQ, as well as a few open days each year, was put on to raise money for the sanctuary (as they are, for the majority, self-funded). I jumped at the chance to visit the incredible place with my boyfriend and it will be an experience I will never forget.

When we first arrived, our first stop was to meet owner, Wenda for our “Cow Walk” which we had previously put our names down for…Now it may sound totally crazy but standing in a field of cows was amazing! Most of us pass them in fields every day but never get to stand right next to them, talk to them, stroke their ears and befriend them in general.

FACT: Interestingly Hugletts are the only farm animal sanctuary in the UK that operates a dedicated Cow Protection Programme!

Before we were let in the field, Wenda explained how we had to greet the head of the herd, Bruce before we could wander around and interact with the other cows freely. So after the group walked into the field and said hello to Bruce, we spent around an hour hanging out with him and his majestic pals such as Malcolm (who kindly let me have a picture with him!) Elijah Gray, Zachariah, Raymond and many others.

I felt very honoured to have met Wenda and the herd. But it was also lovely to see several calves up close – The beautiful Arregaithel, Crumb Hobdenand Gus.

After that we enjoyed our delicious vegan BBQ which included a Fry’s burger and some donated, handmade lemon drizzle cake before saying hello to the other residents at Hugletts including the most gorgeous sheep and lambs. I wanted to take them home!

It was such a wonderful day and I urge everyone to pay a visit to a local animal sanctuary near you if you get the chance. Hugletts are just one of many around the UK all looking for support and donations to keep rescuing and looking after discarded farm animals from the meat, dairy and egg industries.

By Candice
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