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What the health - Film Premiere

If you thought that ‘Cowspiracy’ was a game-changer for helping encourage the vegan movement then you need to see ‘What The Health’!

What director Kip Andersen’s first documentary did for opening people’s eyes to the environmental impact of the meat, dairy and egg industries, his second does with a focus on the health impact.

Recently I was lucky to attend its UK premiere screening, which was hosted by the amazing people at Vevolution and Lush Life. And at the end of the screening they held a Q&A panel with Kip Anderson himself, Assistant Editor Ali Tabrizi, Lush Cosmetics Director of Ethics Hilary Jones, Vegan Chef Day Radley and Vevolution's Damien Clarkson - All vegan and all very inspiring people in their respective fields!

The Q&A with the panel lasted for around half an hour with each guest answering questions from the audience and live from social media.

Kip revealed that one of the most amazing facts that he discovered whilst making ‘What The Health’ (which was also a shocker to me) is that sugar DOES NOT cause diabetes. Saturated fat is the culprit! That’s right people. There’s a big section on diabetes in the film that I think EVERYONE would benefit from watching. And it’s backed up by a number of renowned doctors and scientists including Dr. Michael Greger.

There are a few case studies in the film with different American citizens who were all suffering from long-term health problems and were on heaps of different medication including pills/injections for their diabetes. After trying a whole foods plant-based diet for just 2 WEEKS, they saw dramatically positive results including being able to come off the majority of their medication. Astounding!

Another amazing fact that I learned was that ALL protein is made my plants. “It is not necessary to eat animal tissue in order to get protein. Any protein you get from an animal is simply recycled plant protein.” - Dr. Milton Mills, M.D (Critical Care Physician) in ‘What The Health’. So when you next get asked “But where do you get your protein?” you can say, “Where yours gets it from!

Overall it was a great night being surrounded by like-minded compassionate people and I highly recommend that you see the film! I certainly left feeling that I had new information to tell people who needed more proof and reasons to consider a vegan diet and lifestyle.

I’d like to thank Vevolution for the chance to see this incredible documentary, for the awesome vegan goody bag and for providing some delicious vegan drinks and nibbles!

Watch the ‘What The Health’ trailer here:

By Candice
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