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Why you should consider starting a vegan blog!

Starting my blog a few months ago has been one of the best decisions in my life and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I find that having a blog has given me so many great opportunities so far and it’s only the beginning. I think it's a great opportunity to spread the vegan message in any way that you want to: from blogging about advice on how to go vegan, reviewing vegan makeup, or about the benefits of going vegan. If you’re interested in getting a job to do with social media, writing, photography, veganism, or animal activism – starting a vegan blog could be a great step for you as well!

First and foremost, having a vegan blog is such effective activism in my opinion; you don’t necessarily even HAVE to make blog posts about in-depth/hard-hitting topics on veganism, you could simply write about (and show photos of) your days out to a vegan restaurant, or event. Casual, playful blog posts such as cruelty-free and vegan makeup hauls, vegan restaurant reviews or vegan clothing fashion hauls/look books get such a good response from those that aren’t necessarily vegan. My favourite form of activism is to positively show people how easy it is to attain a vegan lifestyle! If that isn’t your style, and you prefer an approach that is more informative and educational, this can totally work too; you just need to avoid being too unforgiving towards meat eaters, and instead, have a likeable and reasonable tone of voice. People will definitely listen if you have something interesting and thought-provoking to say!

Particularly if your blog is dedicated to veganism (or even just partially) it can really help you out with getting a job with a vegan organisation. It lets the company know that you have I.T skills, can use the Internet well, and that you have a passion for spreading the vegan message. It may seem obvious to you that you can use the Internet and have basic I.T skills, but employers won’t necessarily know this – so a blog is great proof. My blog, fortunately, helped me out with getting an internship with a vegan organisation, and so it’s totally worth putting on your CV (if it’s relevant to the career you want to be involved in).

Relating back to a previous post that was all about staying positive as a vegan, I feel that having a blog is a great creative outlet, as well as an emotional one. Getting your thoughts out there and have people listen is like a weight off of your shoulders sometimes. Writing on my blog, and writing for websites like Vgneration, makes me so happy, and hopefully, it can make you happy too! I find that the Vegan blogging community is super friendly and supportive, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Once you start up your blog you are likely to build some really good friendships through collaborating with others, or just connecting with other vegan bloggers on social media.

So I hope I have encouraged some of you creative souls to get started on your own blog, or at least, start contributing to fabulous organisations like Vgneration (you could possibly do this to get started or do it alongside running your own blog). I feel like there are tonnes of vegan recipe blogs out there, but not that many vegan lifestyle, opinion, advice blogs! If you need any help, advice, or inspiration, my blog is I’m always happy to assist anyone that wants to get started on their own website – good luck!

By Jenny
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