Italy may be the home of mozzarella, salami, and nutella but he 'Eternal Capital' of Rome is easily survivable for the readily prepared.


"Io Sono Vegano/Vegana" (male/female) is the shortest way of explaining "I am vegan" and is becoming more widely understood as veganism grows in Italy. Should that not work then try a little sign language and ask for 'senza' (without) ingredients such as butter (burro), egg (ouva), latte (milk), meat (carne), and dairy (prodotti lattiero caseari).


There are a number of Italian classics that most menus will have, no matter if you're in the shadow of the Colosseum or not. Some are vegan by default whilst others can be veganised once the substitute of ingredients like butter for olive oil is made.


You can order and enjoy 'risotto ai funghi' (ask for 'senza burro'), minestrone, carciofi alla romana (typical Roman artichokes dish), or spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino - a simple pasta dish with a spicy sauce. Most pasta is freshly made with eggs so always specify 'pasta senza ouva' instead.


Should nothing on the menu appear vegan you can always choose several 'antipasti' - plates of bruschetta, olives, and many other vegetables.

If pizza is on your mind you can order a 'pizza marinara', a pizza without cheese usually topped with tomatoes and fresh basil. 


One great alternative is 'foccacia'. Slightly thicker than pizza, this baked bread is best topped with tomato and olives, though sliced potato and rosemary is also fantastic. 


No trip to Rome is complete without a scoop of fresh gelato whilst sitting on the Spanish Steps. In the summer many fruit flavours use water instead of milk, but throughout the year you can order a dairy-free cup of deliciously dark 'chocolato al fondente'  


By Dale (Angloitalian)

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