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Long gone are the days of watching television, it's all about YouTube now and we had the chance to catch up with Rosie Spaughton,  one half of duo Rose and Rosie who has recently gone Vegan. 


Rose and Rosie have built up quite the following on YouTube with a whopping half a million subscribers between them. They put out regular videos about general life, youtube tags, vlogs and a hilarious series called 'Let's Play Games' , along with a more serious series #RealTalk- they even put out the video of their wedding (which was beautiful!) so it's no wonder their fans really love them and can relate to them!


Check out our questions below as we asked Rosie all about her new vegan lifestyle and also chose 10 questions from her fans!


How long have you been vegan?

I became vegan some time in June, so it’s been around 6 months. I did have a few slip ups at the beginning, but it really didn’t take me too long to get into the swing of things and embrace the new lifestyle!


Why did you decide to become vegan?

I saw a post on Tumblr talking about how badly eating animals and animal products affects the environment, so I began to research into it and was astounded by the information I found. I then found out about the cruelty to animals involved, and started watching vegan YouTubers to find out more. The more I watched, the more I began to realise that this was what felt right to me. I knew I had to become vegan.


What’s your favourite vegan food/meal?

Vegan curry!!! It’s so simple for me to make as well. Sometimes I make it with coconut milk so it’s really creamy, other times I use lots of tomatoes and red chilli to make it spicy. It depends what kind of mood I’m in!


Where’s your favourite restaurant to eat out at/what do you order?

I actually haven’t been to many vegan restaurants, but I did enjoy my trip to Vantra Vitao in London, where I ate, surprise surprise, vegan curry! I didn’t get to sample the deserts at the time but I’ve heard they are delicious so I will definitely be returning!


How easy is it to be vegan living in London?

I think if you can cook your own food, being vegan is easy anywhere. Before I moved to London I lived in a small town in the countryside, but there were still plenty of health shops selling quinoa and “Free from” foods and vegan products! But there are definitely loads more vegan restaurants around in London. Whenever I go to a different part of London I google what vegan restaurants are nearby and there are always plenty to choose from. I just need the time to go in there and eat everything!


Who’s your favourite vegan celebrity?

I really really love Alicia Silverstone. I loved her anyway because Clueless is one of my favourite films and I love Aerosmith and she’s in some of their videos! So her becoming vegan and writing books about it and promoting it just makes her even more awesome to me.


Some people say that all vegans eat is ‘rabbit food’ – what meal would you cook to prove that vegan food is amazing and you’re not missing out?

People who say that have obviously never had a vegan meal! Probably a vegan burger and chips! I know that’s not the healthiest but it proves that vegans don’t just chew on lettuce all day - we can eat naughty things too!


Do you have any favourite vegan bloggers you’d recommend people checking out?

I’ve JUST discovered the Minimalist Baker, who isn’t always exclusively vegan, but most recipes are, or are easily adaptable. I like the fact that the recipes have only a few ingredients in but still end up being delicious. I also love Oh She Glows. But I watch more YouTube videos than I read blogs, I just type in “vegan” into YouTube and watch whatever comes up!


Do you have any vegan related YouTube videos planned for the future?

Yes! I want to do so many! I tried to film a “What I Eat In A Day VEGAN” video but I wasn’t happy with it. I’m absolutely terrible with my presentation so I worried my food would look unappealing and would actually put people off! I got a little shy about it! But I will try again. I also want to do a video talking about what vegan make up products I wear, and products that are cruelty free I use in my home.


What cruelty-free vegan make up brands are your favourite?

I LOVE Urban Decay! I loved their products anyway because the colours are so gorgeous and their products last a really long time. I particularly like their eyeshadows. When I found out it was all cruelty free I was so happy! I wear bare escentuals on my skin and I love it! It’s really light so my skin doesn’t feel too coated, but it does the job perfectly!


Is there a particular animal rights/vegan cause you feel especially passionate about?

I feel very strongly that animals aren’t put on earth for us to just use for whatever purpose we need, like farming them so we can eat meat, or breeding them to test products on. I’m passionate about any kind of animal rights! No killing can be done humanely. If you don’t fancy having something done to yourself, then you shouldn’t do it to an animal! I spend my days signing so many petitions to stop all sorts of animal abuse.


Our website is for teenagers and we know a lot of your fans are that age too – What advice would you give them if they decided they wanted to go vegan?

I would encourage them to not give up completely if they slip up. I would suggest to throw themselves into the vegan community in whatever way they wish, be it watching YouTube videos, looking up vegan tags on Tumblr or Instagram, reading blogs about it, watching documentaries, anything to let them know there is tonnes of support for them out there and they are not alone! Sometimes it can be tough, but with people online or in person encouraging and sharing tips and information, you’re way more likely to succeed. They should set goals, and when they hit them, they should celebrate, and be proud of their accomplishments!


Do you have a favourite brand of vegan cheese, fake meat or dairy-free milk?

I don’t really eat any vegan cheese! Or fake meat, at the moment I just eat loads of rice and sweet potatoes, I’m addicted! But I DO have lots of milk substitutes because I like my cups of tea. I enjoy soya milk in tea, almond milk to cook (I LOVE vegan pancakes! I make them with almond milk, GF flour and chia seeds.) and a chocolate coconut milk as a treat. Whenever I watch a film, I have some choccy coconut milk and some sweet and salty popcorn. Bliss!


What do you think is the biggest misconception of veganism and what is your response?

That all vegans are very aggressive in attempting to convert everybody who eats meat into going vegan! I’m not like that at all. I believe being vegan should be a very happy experience. If you force someone to change their diet, they aren’t going to feel positive about it and will want to revert back to old ways. I believe that by being enthusiastic and showing people the benefits of being vegan (if they ask!) people will look into it themselves. If a person makes the choice to research and become vegan they are much more likely to stick to it! I like to spread positivity and good vibes. I hate when people stereotype us as forcing our opinions on others!


Have you got any exciting future projects you can tell us about?

Both Rose (my wife) and I are very interested in making some kind of documentary or television programme on the food industry and the benefits of going vegan on the environment. Nothing is set in stone, but it is a possibility for the future!


Questions from Twitter Fans:


@KBlackman254 asks - I'm a vegetarian & often feel tired from iron deficiency. As a vegan how do you manage your nutrient intake?

I have a nutri bullet! I think smoothies are a really great way to pack in loads of iron filled leafy green veggies! Then I just add lots of fruit to them, then I’ve already started off my day with a huge blast of vitamins and minerals! Then any meal I have I try to as many veggies to it as possible.


@str33t_spirit asks - If you could only pick one vegan meal to have for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Vegan Curry! Either that or Risotto!


@TheNeveFringe asks - How do you get around your parents disapproval of you wanting to become vegan?

I became vegetarian while I lived with my parents and they made it really difficult for me. I just made as much effort as I could to eat less meat. Then when I lived on my own and was in control of my own food, I could put all my effort into it!


@rosedixupdates asks - When you have children, will you be bringing them up as vegan or will you let them choose when they're older?

Honestly, I’m not sure yet. I do think everyone should have their own choice over what they eat, I don’t want to force anyone to do anything. But I haven’t got my own children yet, so I couldn’t say.


@annekoepp asks - I wanna know from Rosie if she could imagine to make a vegan cooking book or some cooking videos on YouTube?

I don’t know about vegan cooking book, I’m still relatively new to this lifestyle, so I’m learning from others, rather than writing my own book! But I definitely want to incorporate more vegan videos on my channel.


@SuperGeekyNiamh asks - Does it annoy you when you go into a restaurant and there is hardly any vegan options?

Yes! I find it weird how people feel the need to put animal products in everything! I do feel more places are getting better and offering more ranges to cater to everyone now.


@salmal12 asks - Has becoming vegan meant that you have gained weight?

No, I’ve actually lost weight, and not gained it back since I started my vegan lifestyle.


@kimmackendrick asks - Opinions on using soy as a protein source? I've heard many mixed things about it

I think that moderation is key. I have soya milk in tea but not really in anything else. If I noticed that I was consuming a lot of soy products every day I might think about switching things up a bit. It’s good to have a varied diet!


@sineadhfallon asks - Is it challenging to live with a non-vegan?

No, not really! It’s actually helped us make more interesting things for dinner, instead of always sticking to the same old recipes! We enjoy finding meals that Rose can have her version and I can have a vegan version!


@maggsblogs asks - What is the best thing about being a vegan?

My guilt free conscience, and the way I’ve never felt ‘lighter’. I have so much energy all the time! If I open the newspaper and read a story about animal cruelty, it hurts me, but I feel great knowing I do everything in my power to help the animals.

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