Being vegan is doable in Korea but admittedly living in the capital-Seoul-makes it much easier. 

The first thing I would tell any vegans visiting Korea is it to get used to seeing Tofu everywhere, that is one amazing  thing about Korea is that it loves tofu and it is very cheap to buy. 

If you want to try Korean food try kimbap which is similar to sushi but more of a roll of rice and other ingredients wrapped in seaweed. It can easily be adapted to exclude meat and egg and can be found in usually every Korean restaurant on every street corner for the alternative of about £2.

There are now a handful of vegan restaurants in Seoul, one being ‘Plant’ which specializes in delicious westernized food: burgers, sandwiches, wraps etc as well as some out-of –this-world cakes. 

There are also some Loving Huts which specialise in veganised Korean food like bibimbap which is a bowl of rice and veggies with hot sauce ( minus the traditional egg on top for us vegans)

Lots of the foreigner-targeted restaurants in the area of Itaewon (American army base) will do vegan options such as burgers, curries, and pizza. 


There is also a dog rescue shelter which has opened a vegan restaurant underneath its premises to fund the shelter and has the best vegan steak burgers which you can eat after volunteering to walk a cute puppy- Bonus!

A great website to find all eateries is, from the owner of Plant.


By Ruth Culbreth

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