Tom Folan - Football Freestyler

Tom Folan is from Guildford in London and has been Football Freestyling in his back garden since a young age - gaining global attention at just 13 years old. Tom has travelled all over the world and came 2nd place in the Red Bull World Championships in China in 2016. He has worked with many well known global brands, performed to a full capacity at Old Trafford Stadium and also finds time to dabble in Photography and Film-making

Here are the Quickfire Questions we asked Tom when we caught up with him:

Why you went vegan in 5 words?

I only need 1. Earthlings.

Favourite song right now?

Big Pun - You came up

Favourite fruit/veg?

DATES. The stickier the better. Peanut butter filled dates are the true secret to happiness.


Biggest accomplishment to date?

I'd say eating 20 custard donuts from Co-op with ease but realistically probably coming 2nd place in the Red Bull World Champs in China.

Sun or snow?

Is that even a question? Sun!

Favourite meal?

I mean if it's vegan I will eat it but taste wise, my favourite is probably the burgers from Organix in LA.

Netflix or cinema?

Netflix every time.

Best country for vegan options?

Well when I came back from LA I forgot non vegan food even existed but in Europe I've found Germany to be pretty solid.

What's the longest you've ever freestyled for?

At one time? I have been known to have 8 hour sessions in the past.

One thing you can't live without?

Sounds like an obvious answer but definitely a football.

Have you ever tried freestyling anything but a football?

Yes. A watermelon, toilet roll, golf ball, pint glass (don't ask). The list is endless.

Favourite smoothie combo?

Rev foods berry protein powder, hemp milk, flaxseed, moringa, spinach, frozen blueberries, cherries and banana. Bloody rocket fuel.


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